Usage: [&filters]
Version: 1.2-release
required: PartnerID is your R24 registered domainID

optional filter parameters:
set the number of recent reviews (default is 20)
Example: &n=20

returns reviews  for these R24 region(s) only
Example: &r=isan

returns reviews for these (sub)provinceID(s) only
Example: &v=63b,63c

return last n review of a hotel specified by hotel number(s)
Example: &h=620253

&d=date [format: YYYY-MM-DD]
returns only reviews newer than given date
Example: &d=2007-12-31

&t=fulltext search
return the n most relevant matches of search
Example: &t=snorkelling
(fulltext search sorts by relevance rather than date added)

e.a. try this: